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The Dawson Creek
Dance Co. Story

The Beginning 

Dawson Creek Dance Co. was founded in 2017 by Lindsay Dufresne and Alison Morgan. Both Lindsay and Alison poured all their love into the studio, building a space where both students and their supporters felt welcome. Along with the family focused atmosphere, they put emphasis on the importance of strong technique which elevated each dancer within the studio.  Miss Alison and Miss Lindsay will remain familiar faces as they will continue to support their daughters in the studio.

A New Chapter

Melanie Reitsma and Jeannie Norman became studio owners in 2022. Paying homage to Lindsay and Alison’s vision, Melanie and Jeannie continue to foster the family focused atmosphere and high level of dancer expectations we have all come to love and respect. They plan to introduce and implement a strong focus on well-being to support the growth of each dancers confidence, health and awareness. Melanie and Jeannie are extremely eager and passionate about Dawson Creek Dance Co and intend on devoting new life and excitement into the studio’s story. 

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