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Our goal this year is to enhance our dancer’s creativity, personal growth, confidence in skills and artistic knowledge through a season focused on experiences and opportunities outside the  competition realm. For the upcoming season, we plan to incorporate experiences such as conventions, workshops, travel opportunities, community performances/collaborations, student development, mindset training, specialized classes and more.

Creative Season

About Company

Age 6+

Experienced dancers may be asked to join our Company program which includes multiple classes 2-4 days per week. Our company team will experience two different seasons alternating years. The first being a technical/competitive season followed by a creative/personal growth season. Our goal is to create well rounded dancers who have the chance to experience more than just competitions. During the technical/competition season, our dancers will have the chance to compete in local and provincial/interprovincial competitions and festivals. We have experienced Fort St John, Grande Prairie and Lake Louise thus far with more to add throughout the years. During our creative season, our dancers will focus on personal development and artistic exploration. We will offer opportunities throughout this season such as conventions, engagement in community events, hosting of workshops with special guests, creating performance opportunities with flash mobs, parades, Christmas concerts, solo showcases and year end recital, etc. During this season we will also provide major travel experiences such as DisneyLand, giving the dancers a glimpse into what is possible once they graduate our program. Both seasons will be team based with plenty of community building events where the dancers can learn about their peers and gain strong lasting friendships.


2022-2023 Company Team

Back Row: 
Claire Dufresne, Brooklyn Alexander, Addison MacLean, Austin Godfrey, Malorie Clark, Kalynn Olson, Kynleigh Parslow, Isla-Fae Corcoran, Ella Haugen

Middle Row: 
Rylinne Von Bargen, Lauren Dufresne, McKenna Sudnik, Alexia Austin, Jordyn Von Bargen, Kenidii Black, Emelia Morgan, Taylor Dyck,Drew Hiebert, Kamryn Parslow, Phoebe Morris, Chanelle Irvine, Kensi Lafond

Front Row: 
Mya Mackenzie, Addison Webb, Kinley Rogers, Abbi Berge-Millard, Emily Kautz, Brynn Nixon, Emery Martin, Olivia Barker, Amara Tates

Company Classes

Geared towards individuals who....

Want to take their training to new heights. Our Company participants are required to take a minimum of 3 classes and encouraged to train a variety of styles to become a well rounded dancer. These students are committed to increasing their technical abilities in a detailed orientated environment and are exposed to several performance experiences throughout the season.

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