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Melanie + Jeannie,

Melanie and Jeannie have been a part of the Peace Region Community since birth and grew up dancing within their local studios. After furthering their studies in places such as Calgary and Vancouver, Melanie and Jeannie were eager to bring their knowledge back home. They feel blessed to be pursuing their dreams of owning and operating the studio and look forward to sharing their passion with the next generation of artists.


Jeannie Mackenzie

Studio Owner


CDTA  Licentiate Member Jazz + Tap

Sugarfoot Therapy Certified

Dance holds a powerful connection to Jeannie as it will always be her constant; the one thing that will never diminish. She is grateful towards its ability to help her both celebrate and heal the ever evolving chapters within life. 

Moments of accomplishments and adversities is where Jeannie finds most of her inspiration. From everyday experiences to intentional narratives brought out through song, a simple point of view from another perspective encourages her creativity. 

Beyond dance, Jeannie finds happiness in being surrounded by family and friends. Together they enjoy outdoor activities such as camping and golfing during the summer months and snowboarding throughout the winter. She is grateful that both her creative passions of dance and organizing have led to rewarding careers and she encourages everyone to pursue what they love to do.

What Jeannie appreciates most about her role as an instructor is getting the privilege to watch growth within a student, not only in regards to their technical abilities but most importantly within their own personal development.

Melanie Reitsma

Studio Owner


CDTA Associate Member Jazz

Sugarfoot Therapy Certified

Dance to her is more than moving to music, it is an outlet for creativity and a method of accessing a peaceful state of mind. Melanie finds inspiration within conceptual ideas, stories or characters and music.

Outside of dance and the studio Melanie finds joy through the lens of her camera or on the back of her horse. During the off season you can find her camping, riding, or up north with her family. Melanie has two beautiful children and a supportive  husband. 

Melanie's favourite part about being a coach is watching her students perform on stage. She loves to see the dancers give it their all showcasing all their hard work!

Emma Fraser

RAD Trained

Advanced RAD exam

American Academy of Ballet Performance Awards.


All our coaches are committed to furthering their training and dance education.

Gwen Hawkins

DCDC Program Graduate


Intermediate RAD exam

Dance has always been a huge part of Gwen's life, over the years it has been her outlet to portray her emotions in a physical way. She loves being able to put thoughts into movement, and being able to express them in a new way each time.  

One of her main inspirations comes from music; whether that is the connection she makes to the lyrics, how the instruments influence her movement, or finding ways to make silence not feel silent.

Gwen has recently started her first year of college, as a full time student. If she is not in class or at the studio, you will most likely catch her studying, or spending time with my family and friends!

Gwen finds the most enjoyment in watching her students grow, she loves seeing their improvement and personal successes. 

Her other favourite thing about coaching is helping in building a strong connection as a team, nothing beats a loving dance family!

Dana Hiebert

DCDC Dancer


RAD Exam


Michaela Wiebe

Vaganova, Cecchetti and RAD trained


Advanced RAD exams 

American Academy of Ballet Performance Awards

Dance has always been a safe haven for Michaela. She is able to step into the studio and shut off the rest of the world. She can fully immerse herself into the moment, be present and creative, expressing herself with movement.

Music and sound are what inspires her to create. Melodies from songs or nature spark emotions and movement. She constantly finds herself visualizing choreography to any rhythm she hears.

Outside the studio Michaela is putting her nutritionist skills to the test, experimenting with recipes, creating wholesome meals and snacks. She is a new mom and is navigating parenthood with her loving husband. You can find them all together on many outdoor adventures such as hiking, golfing, biking and kayaking.

Getting to see the fulfilled look in her students’ eyes when they master a new move or achieve a goal is the most rewarding thing about being an instructor for Michaela. She is excited to work alongside her students and watch them grow as dancers and individuals.

All our coaches are committed to furthering their training and dance education.


Kenidii Black

Assistant Coach


Drew Hiebert

Assistant Coach


Brooklyn Alexander

Assistant Coach


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