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Melanie + Jeannie,

Melanie and Jeannie have been a part of the Peace Region Community since birth and grew up dancing within their local studios. After furthering their studies in places such as Calgary and Vancouver, Melanie and Jeannie were eager to bring their knowledge back home. They feel blessed to be pursuing their dreams of owning and operating the studio and look forward to sharing their passion with the next generation of artists.


Dana Hiebert

RAD Trained

Advanced RAD exam

American Academy of Ballet Performance Awards.

Dance is an outlet to express myself and find different ways to feel movement through music. I love how freeing it can be when I dance, how much I can let go of myself and simply feel the movements instead of thinking about what I’m doing all the time.

 My own coaches growing up have always been my biggest inspiration. They taught me many things, whether it be from being a good influence on the younger dancers, how to make mistakes and learn from them, but most importantly all of the dance knowledge I know today.

 Outside of the studio you can find me playing with my puppy, hanging out with my family or going out with my friends.

My favourite part about being a coach is seeing my students grow, whether it be mentally, physically, or artistically. I enjoy seeing them overcome obstacles in the process of learning and creating movements in the studio. I love seeing them flourish and shine when they get their confidence on stage with their peers.

Erica Best

Bachelor of Arts( BA)

Masters in Physical Therapy (MPT)

Dance is the art of storytelling through movement. It is expression without words. It is the creative art of combining sound, visuals, and movement together to communicate without the use of language.


I usually find inspiration through music. You cannot love dance without loving music. Nature is always inspiring as well. Sometimes there is just a feeling you get when in awe of the beauty of the world, or a feeling you get from a certain piece of music that seems best communicated through movement. 

Outside the studio I love my work (Physiotherapy) - it is also all about teaching movement. I really love learning, it's a bit of an addiction, I'm always taking new courses. I also love running, hiking, reading, landscape photography, playing with my dogs, watching movies and playing video games.


My favourite part about being a coach is sharing knowledge and nurturing growth in an art that I truly love. Shared joy is a wonderful thing...even when it is hard. Because dance is hard work, and being able to support young dancers through all the ups and downs of developing their craft is an incredible thing.

Jeannie Mackenzie

Studio Owner


CDTA  Licentiate Member Jazz + Tap

Sugarfoot Therapy Certified

Dance holds a powerful connection to Jeannie as it will always be her constant; the one thing that will never diminish. She is grateful towards its ability to help her both celebrate and heal the ever evolving chapters within life. 

Moments of accomplishments and adversities is where Jeannie finds most of her inspiration. From everyday experiences to intentional narratives brought out through song, a simple point of view from another perspective encourages her creativity. 

Beyond dance, Jeannie finds happiness in being surrounded by family and friends. Together they enjoy outdoor activities such as camping and golfing during the summer months and snowboarding throughout the winter. She is grateful that both her creative passions of dance and organizing have led to rewarding careers and she encourages everyone to pursue what they love to do.

What Jeannie appreciates most about her role as an instructor is getting the privilege to watch growth within a student, not only in regards to their technical abilities but most importantly within their own personal development.

Melanie Reitsma

Studio Owner


CDTA Associate Member Jazz

Sugarfoot Therapy Certified

Dance to me is more than moving to music, it is an outlet for creativity and a method of accessing a peaceful state of mind. I have been dancing for so many years I no longer know how to live without it. It will always be a huge pillar in my life. I find inspiration within conceptual ideas, stories/characters and music. I love creating.a story and reasons why to movement. Completing a piece that has encompassed a theme and solid characters is one of my favourite things about dance.

Outside of dance and the studio I find joy through the lens of my camera or on the back of my horse. During the off season you can find me camping, riding, or up north with my family. I have two beautiful children and a supportive  husband. 

My favourite part about being a coach is watching the students perform on stage. I love to see the dancers give it their all showcasing all their hard work! I also love working alongside our other coaches, sharing knowledge and brainstorming ideas to make the space a great one for the kids.

Kayla Hauge

Pre-Associate Member CDTA
Tap, Jazz

Following ADTA Syllabus

Working on RAD Certification

 Dance has always been part of who I am and has helped build the foundation of the person I am today. It’s allowed me to nurture my passions, express my truest self, and create beautiful friendships. I’m grateful for the opportunity to move, learn and teach every step along my journey.


 I find inspiration in young dancers and people who are true to their own style. I believe its important to keep that authenticity while forming strong foundations in a dancers technique. Nothing better than watching someone dance their hearts out without fear of judgment. 


Outside of the studio I enjoy spending time with my family hiking, camping, and biking. Our favourite place to be is in the mountains or lakeside. I’ve recently picked up a couple new hobbies, golfing and volleyball. I think it’s great to try new things to keep your body active. 


 My favourite part about being a coach is instilling confidence in my students supporting them as they grow and learn. I love watching dancers come together to create beautiful masterpieces, but most importantly building a strong community where every student feels safe and at home.

All our coaches are committed to furthering their training and dance education.


Kenidii Black

Jr. Coach

Kenidii can be found in the classroom with Ms. Dana, teaching Preschool Ballet + Tap! 

Drew Hiebert

Jr. Coach

Drew can be found in the classroom with Ms. Kayla, teaching Discover Ballet! 

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