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Hair + Makeup

*Tutorials are NOT from DC Dance Co.  These are examples found online for your reference*

Stage Hair Guidelines

High Donut/Sock Bun

- No Flyaways

- No Coloured hair elastics or clips

Need help finding products?

Donut Dun_edited.jpg

Stage Makeup Guidelines:

Makeup is up to your and the dancer's comfort level.  Do note that faces can look very pale onstage without any makeup on due to the amount of light that is needed to illuminate the stage. Above is a tutorial for makeup. This is for reference and ideas only. You are NOT expected to do exactly the same process or use the same products. Please have dancer's clean

with no marker/tattoos/stickers or paint on their body or face.

Products can be found at our local Shoppers Drug Mart.



Pink (white) tights are required for all Ballet routines.

Beige/Tan tights are required for all Tap and Jazz routines.

Please no stains or rips in tights. 

*Image from google for reference for full face makeup

Dance Makeup.jpeg
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