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2022/2023 Showcase

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Spring Dance Sampler

Ages 5-7

Ages 8-12

We're so excited to Dance into Spring with you! This four week long dance session allows students the opportunity to explore a variety of styles such as Ballet, Tap, Jazz, and Hip Hop. Dancers will participate in 2 classes per week learning new skills, fun combinations and self-expression.

Spring Mini

Ages 3 & 4

We're so excited to Dance into Spring with you! This four week long dance session allows students the opportunity to explore movement in new ways! Our mini dancers get to participate in Ballet and/or Tap. Dancers will participate in 1 class per week learning new skills, musicality and self-expression.

Company Combo Nights

Ages 7-12

Ages 13+

Continue dancing into spring with these fun combo nights. Each week will highlight a different dance style. Classes will include: warm up, new choreography and end with some performance exercises. These classes are open to our current company members ONLY. 


6 Weeks of


One week programs offered for six weeks during the summer. These programs are more than just dancing. They are fun filled days with crafts, outdoor play, dance and more! 

About Dawson Creek Dance Co.

At Dawson Creek Dance Co., we believe in creating a community of love for the power of movement. Along with the focus of providing a high quality dance education, our studio puts precedence on building a family centred atmosphere. We believe in inclusivity and encourage everyone to come learn and create with us in our safe space without prejudice. We share our LOVE and PASSION for dance with every individual who enters our studio!

Our current season is almost over.

Year End Recital is May 13th 2023.

Our Spring and Summer sessions will run from

May 29, 2023 - August 11, 2023 
*Please keep your eye open for further details*

Our Mission:

External Movement for Internal Growth.

DC Dance Co. is committed to encouraging all dancers to strive for excellence while enjoying the journey along the way.  We believe each dancer has the ability to increase her/his physical, emotional, and intellectual well-being through dance and is a main focal point of ours. DC Dance Co. promotes strong self-confidence, self-respect, discipline, and appreciation through the facilitation of the fine arts of dance.  We aim to help inspire every dancer to find and develop the creativity inside herself/himself.


DC Dance Co. is pleased to collaborate with our studio families by ensuring they are kept well-informed of the progress of their dancer. We believe the success of each student is a result of great teamwork between the dance studio and their families. The saying “Children Learn What They Live” holds true in our eyes and we strive to promote a positive experience to develop healthy growth. Therefore, by advocating open communication and encouragement both at home and within the dance studio, we aspire a stronger self-worth within each child.

Hit a lick - 2021

Ballroom Beauties - 2021

Our Vision:

DC Dance Co's vision is to offer many performance opportunities to both competitive and non-competitive students that will inspire, educate, and develop an appreciation of the fine arts within our region. Through our focus towards well-being and community minded practices, we hope to cultivate a studio and its members who leave a positive impact within this world.


Contact Us!

Lot #49 11000 8th Street Dawson Creek BC, V1G 4K6

Please email the studio to enquire,

Phone incase of an emergency or immediate attention.

Miss Melanie: 250-719-1619

Miss Jeannie: 250-261-4513

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